Q: How long of a lease do you offer?

           A: We offer one year leases.

Q: Is there a deposit or application fee?

           A: When you sign the lease, your first months’ rent is due upon signing, payable                to 7509 Manchaca LLC.

Q: Am I responsible for utilities?

 A: If you lease a space in Building One, all the utilities (electric and water) are  included in the rent.   If you are leasing a studio in Building Two, then you are  responsible for your own utilities.  The utilities for the conditioned storage in  Building Four are included in the amount of rent.

Q: How energy efficient are the buildings?

  A: Energy efficiency is a priority. We've planned the buildings on the site to take       advantage of sun direction, used awnings to mitigate direct sunlight where we can,   and installed high performance windows in all the buildings. Additionally, we used     high quality open cell insulation in all the buildings to create air-tight spaces and all   LED lighting in Building Two to design an attractive and efficient workplace. 

Q: What is the internet/wireless availability?

A: Building One tenants will have access to wireless internet for an additional monthly fee.  Building Two tenants will be responsible for their own internet services.

Q: What are the floors made of? 

A: Most office spaces have sealed concrete floors but select offices in Building One have hardwood floors.

Q: Can I paint or change the office?

A: We would certainly welcome any suggestions, and allow tenants to express themselves within their spaces on a case by case basis.

Q: Is there retail space available? 

A: We do not offer any retail space.   We are creating a professional office community, with on-site management to assure that your business office needs are met.


For more information, please contact 7509info@gmail.com